Close up of the Swarovski detailed Maier tap with the crystal head named Stage.
Swarovski detailed Maier tap. Featuring a Swarovski crystal head.
A Maier tap head featuring a Swarovski diamond
A maier basin mixer tap with Swarovski elements.
Technical drawing of the Maier Swarovski detailed basin mixer.

Maier Basin Mixer with Swarovski Elements - Stage Crystal

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"Muse Diamond" is a beautiful single lever basin mixer featuring a Swarovski crystal, suitable for bathrooms and ensuites.

Made by Maier, who are only one of four companies worldwide to have a collaboration with Swarovski to incorporate the crystal elements into their designs.

These Swarovski crystals are embedded manually by specialist artisan craftsmen.


Chrome plated over European Standard brass

Stage Crystal tap head design

Suitable for high pressure water systems

Does not include basin waste

Care & Cleaning 

  • Clean only with water, neutral pH soap and a soft cloth slightly moistened.
  • Lime stains can be avoided by drying the faucet every time after its use.
  • In areas with high levels of lime in the water, it is advisable to dry the surface after each use.
  • We recommend unscrewing and cleaning the aerator periodically and eventually remove lime deposits. It will be advisable to change the aerator if it accumulates too much dirt.
  • Do not use abrasive or caustic products for cleaning. We also advise you do not use any products containing alcohol or acids such as hydrochloric acid detergents, taking into account that its fumes may affect even if is not directly applied over the faucet surface.
  • In uninhabited houses we suggest to avoid the evaporation of water from the drain trap or U-bend, because the fumes coming from it can affect the metals.