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Lyon Beton - Cloud Toilet Paper Shelves Large

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A large concrete toilet roll holder. The base is a curved design and once filled with toilet rolls like shown here, it resembles a cloud.


The Cloud Toilet Roll Holder in large by Lyon Beton and artist Bertrand Jayr. Don't store away your toilet rolls, present them proudly and turn them into a piece of art. How many toilet rolls can you add to your 'cloud'?

The holder includes invisible brackets allowing it to float seamlessly and elegantly on your bathroom wall.

Love the look? See our holders trusty sidekick the Cloud toilet paper dispenser or scale down (or combine the two) with the medium toilet roll holder.


Lyon Beton & Cloud

Lyon Beton specialise in the design and manufacture of concrete furniture, now they have opened themselves to creation of homeware objects by collaborating with artists and designers from Lyon. The Lyon Beton Cloud bathroom accessories are designed by artist Bertrand Jayr who brings poetry, humour and uniqueness to objects that are in most cases devoid of it.


Colour: Light grey

Material: Glass fiber reinforced concrete. Any variants in products are due to the materials inherent and charming nature.

Dimensions: 74cm x 10cm x 17cm

Weight: 4.5kg (Please check your wall's suitability, if unsure seek professional installation).

Designer: Bertrand Jayr

Product Care: Do not leave spills unattended (not that one would on a toilet roll dispenser). To clean use a soft clean dry cloth. Never use abrasive, strong acid cleaning products or bleach. Protective wax or oil can be applied regular to ensure the product lasts forever.



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Lyon Beton - Cloud Toilet Paper Shelves Large
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