A teak wood wall panel design within a waiting room
Teak wood wall design Swarn
Teak wood wall design Swarn

Teak Love Wood Wall Panels - Swarn 1sqm

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Swarn - Solid Teak wood wall Panels by Kathkriti, India.

Artisan handcrafted panels that are created from the leftover pieces of wood from teak furniture manufacturers. 

Kathkriti collects the leftover of teak wood and upcycles it into different ranges of wall panels. Handcrafted by local Artisans, eliminating the use of energy consuming machinery these wall panels are eco-friendly and sustainable.


Sold per sqm.  Allow an extra 10% for cuts. 

Size per panel: 11.6cm x 119cm x 08mm-18mm. Each panel covers 0.138sqm.


Affix to clean, flat, dust free walls using a High Grab Glue.Can be cut with a hand or power saw.

Cleaning: dust can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or dust brush.