FAQ About Our Smart Panels


For general FAQs please see our general FAQs, this page is specifically for any queries of our Smart Panels.

What is the maximum size of a panel?

The maximum size of a single panel is 300cm x 150cm. These panels are made bespoke to your measurements however so your wall size of 310cm x 150cm may be made into two panels. There is a team of designers who would figure out the best configuration for you and we will send you proofs with the panel measurements on for you to check.


How hard is it to cut it to needed size (are any specific tools required)?

These panels as made exactly to your height and width to minimise any work needed after you receive them. If you do need to cut them these Smart Panels are thin and can be cut with a good quality joiner tools.


Is it bendable? Could it be fit into standard size elevator?

Yes they are very flexible and can be applied on curved walls etc. For delivery they arrive rolled up in a crate which makes them excellent for getting in high up areas! I've attached an image which shows how they arrive and 19m2 can fit in that single crate.


Can I install directly over tiles?

Can be installed directly over ceramic tiles due to the panels being very thin and is a good option for a quick renovation.


Can the panels be used near heat?

Panels can be used near a very low heat source. The Smart panels have a max temp of 55°C. These can be installed in kitchens but must be 30cm away from heat source if it's a gas hob.


Is it just rectangles that can be cut?

They can do awkward shapes if required, not just rectangles. So we can send them customer drawings and they can look and quote based on that.


How can I clean my panels?

You can clean the panels with a watered down neutral detergent and a clean cloth. For limescale, a commercial cleaner is fine. No acetone should be applied to the panels though.


How scratch resistant are they?

Regarding scratch resistant the specification of the smart panels are 'HB according to ASTM D3363:2020'. This just means it has been through a test which checks the hardness of a coating through the use of pencils increasing in hardness scratching the surface. The panel has passed up to a HB pencil - this is approx half way so it's fairly scratch resistant.


How are they installed?

The panels are installed with glue. We will include the cost of the glue we recommend within our quote, if you would like to source your own please let us know.


How long is delivery?

These panels are made specifically to you and your specification. Upon payment delivery is approximately 28 days and will be sent direct from Italy can in some cases from ourselves if you are local.


What is the cost?

The Smart Panels are £200 per sqm + VAT + Delivery from Italy. We also include a cost on the estimate for an adhesive we recommend but this can be removed.

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