How to Apply Peel and Stick Panels

Our peel and stick panels are simple to install thanks to the self-adhesive application. Shop our peel and stick panels and apply them using the below instructions.

How many boxes do I need to order?

To work out how many packs you would need, you first need to measure your wall. Times the height by the width of your wall to get your meterage. Deduct for windows and doors.

Once you know your meterage, check out the dimensions section on each product page, this will list the box coverage in square meters. Now you simply order enough boxes to cover your wall.

Remember these calculations are always estimates, things such as a crooked wall may affect your measurements. It's better to opt on the side of caution and buy roughly 10% more than you think.

What do I need?

  • Saw
  • Ruler and spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Foam Roller (optional)

How to install self-adhesive wall

1. Clean your surface

Prepare your wall by smoothing out bumps/blemishes and clean the wall gently with warm soapy water.

2. Plan your layout

The panels can be arranged in any of the 9 below layouts. Diagonal layouts are difficult to achieve as the panels need to be cut at specific angles. We recommend horizontal or vertical layouts, particularly for beginners!

Now draw a reference line going across your wall using a ruler and a level to ensure it's straight.  

3. Install Panels

Peel the strips off your first panel and press up against your reference line. Continue to peel and press the panels along your reference line until its complete. Press the panels down firmly either with a roller or by hand.


Once you reach a corner, measure your remaining space and use a handsaw to cut your panel. 

Continue to peel and press above and below the reference line until your wall is complete.