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YouK Metal Frames: Pack 1 (4 x Ladder Frame RD1)

RD1 x 4
Title *
wall mounted metal framed shelving contains books and ornaments on a wall in a lounge area with patio doors


This pack does not include the shelving. This pack includes 4 black metal RD1 ladder frames and corresponding cover caps. Created by Kesseboehmer, experts in metalwork and clever storage.

Get Creative

You have many options available to you on how you arrange your Metal Frames to create your own custom shelving. Maybe you create your shelving in a staggered design or you even have the option to divide your youK metal frame pack to create two individual shelves!

These 4 frames create ample choice and when combined with your shelving whether it be wood, marble, metal in any considered length you desire you will have a completely individual shelf, made by you. Simply complete your shelves with reclaimed wood or with a piece made to measure kitchen worktop from your local DIY shop.

Shelves not included

We have taken the decision to not include the shelving, this is so you can choose the length of your shelving, configuration, shelf material enabling you to adjust your furniture to fit your every need.


Why choose youK metal frames?

  • Highly flexible in designing of shelving spaces.
  • Fits seamlessly with kitchens (amongst other rooms).
  • High scratch resistance surface (a large portion of Teflon in the surface finish)
  • A contemporary metal shelving design in which you pair with shelving of your choice. Works well with a wide choice of shelves (not included).
  • Quick assembly due to easy shelf fixing.
  • No special tools are required.
  • Uniform appearance, thanks to the welded frame connection, there are no intrusive connections and dividing lines in the vertical appearance.
  • 33 lb. total load rating per horizontal support.






Amount of frames in pack 4 identical frames (4 x Ladder Frame RD1)
Individual Frame Dimension H668mm x W200mm
Shelfs Required: 
W Your Choice* x H Your Choice* x D170mm
Each metal frame can support a maximum of 3 shelves.


*Carefully consider the dimensions of your shelves to enable secure open shelving. For help with shelving dimensions please contact us.



Included   4 x Ladder Frame RD1 • Corresponding cover caps
Required: Appropriate shelving • Appropriate screws, washers and wall plugs
Tools: Screwdriver • Impact drill • Level • Ruler • Pencil
Load Capacity: 33lb per horizontal support

Usage: Indoor use only


  • Ensure proper fastening to the wall and adequate skews and wall plugs are used.
  • Check your wall's suitability, if unsure seek professional installation.
  • If using the frames freestanding, securely attach to the wall to prevent overturning.
  • Due to the load-bearing capacity of these brackets, care should be taken to ensure that the mounting location and the shelf material are of suitable strength to support the maximum load.


Care and Maintenance

From time to time check that there are no loose screws on this unit. Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth


After confirming the order, the delivery time for this product is an estimate of 1 week

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YouK Metal Frames: Pack 1 (4 x Ladder Frame RD1)
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