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Prorac 3D Wall Art - Rhombus SQM Packs (Incl Adhesives)

W105 13 Pieces + 4 Adhesives + Delivery
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Prorac 3D Wall Art - Rhombus SQM Packs (Incl Adhesives)


Create your own 3D wall pattern using the Rhombus panel. These 3D wall panels are supplied already primed, you just spray paint any colour using good quality paint.

Play around creating various shapes and spray any colour you desire. Perfect for creating wall art.

Packs include required recommended adhesive.


Why choose Prorac 3D Rhombus Wall Art?

  • Adhesive included.
  • Water resistant, making them suitable for bathrooms.
  • Primed ready for you to paint any colour under the rainbow.
  • Lightweight.
  • Get creative with your walls and create your own pattern with the Rhombus panel.
  • Ease of cutting and installation.
  • Ease of painting due to smooth matt primed finish.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Made from a high-quality polyurethane that allows for sharp details.


What Your Packs Includes

We have priced up the cost of ordering 1SQM (13 pieces) / 2SQM (26 pieces) / 3SQM (39 pieces) plus Orac recommended Decofix power adhesives.

1SQM Pack includes: 13 Rhombus pieces, adhesive for standard room which is 4 tubes of Decofix Power adhesive and delivery.

2SQM Pack includes: 26 Rhombus pieces, adhesive for standard room which is 7 tubes of Decofix Power adhesive and delivery.

3SQM Pack includes: 39 Rhombus pieces, adhesive for standard room which is 10 tubes of Decofix Power adhesive and delivery.


For none standard pack sizes, please enquire for a quotation. Please be aware that for 1 piece to 500 pieces delivery is always £30 so it is cheaper to order all pieces together.



Sold per individual piece. 

1 piece: 15cm x 25.8cm. Depth 0.7cm - 3cm across the panel.



Supplied primed ready for spray painting any colour with a good quality interior emulsion.



Panels are finished in primer and require painting. Use the adhesives within the packs for installation. 

Enquire for installation in UK Greater Manchester areas are we are Orac approved installers. For any enquiries please feel free to contact us.



After confirming the order, the delivery time for the Prorac is 2 weeks (this may be less). You can either request delivery to your own address or if you prefer to our Bolton showroom for you to collect from.


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