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Eco 3D Wall Panels - Bricks 3sqm Pack

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3D wall panel Bricks used within a restaurant interior.


Eco Friendly wall panels specifically designed for the DIY home decor market and interior design projects on a specific budget.

Made from plant fibres, which is 100% sustainable, and bio-degradable at end of use.


Sold per 3 Sqm ( 1 sqm is four panels, each measuring 500mm x 500mm. A 3sqm pack is 12 panels)

Tip: To work out how many packs you would need, times the height by the width of your wall to get your meterage. For example H2.5m x W3m = 7.5, you would need 8sqm.



Supplied primed ready for spray painting any colour with a good quality interior emulsion.



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Panels are finished in primer and require painting after fixation.

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Eco 3D Wall Panels - Bricks 3sqm Pack
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