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Teak Wood Wall Panels - Premium Swarn Package

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Teak Wood Wall Panels - Premium Swarn Package


Package includes 1.932sqm of Premium Swarn Teak Love Wood.

The Teak Love wood wall panel collection is handcrafted by eco panel manufacturers Kathkriti in India. The Teak Love products are created from solid teak wood.



Artisan handcrafted panels that are created from the leftover pieces of wood from teak furniture manufacturers.

Kathkriti collects the leftover of teak wood and upcycles it into different ranges of wall panels. Handcrafted by local Artisans, eliminating the use of energy consuming machinery these wall panels are eco-friendly and sustainable.


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Wood Species: Teak wood (Tectona Grandis) from India glued On 3.4mm MDF

Finish: Light Sanded

Fire Rating: Classification D-s2,d0



Amount in Package: Sold per box (1.932m2). One box includes 14 panels.

Size per each panel: 11.6cm x 119cm x 08mm-18mm. Each panel covers 0.138sqm.

Thickness: Varying 8mm to 18mm wood across the panel

Note: When ordering, we advise you allow an extra 10% on final wall measurements, this allows a margin of error on installing and measuring.



Affix to clean, flat, dust free walls using a High Grab Glue. Can be cut with a hand or power saw.

Cleaning: dust can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or dust brush.

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Teak Wood Wall Panels - Premium Swarn Package
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