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5 Ways To Apply Your Wooden Peel And Stick Panels

by Amy Whittle on

We often get asked in what way can our DIY wooden peel and stick panels be added to walls and if they can be applied in a herringbone design. Yes, they can! Here are 5 ways you can apply your wooden peel and stick panels which can be found here. Which is your favourite?

Straight Across

Horizontally is the standard way to apply the wall panels, and also (along with straight down) one of the easiest as no cutting of angles is involved.

This way is the most popular with our clients, and the images below include some of our amazing clients' photos. If you would like to see more of our client photos using our peel and stick wood panels, you can browse them here.

Examples of our peel and stick wood range applied the standard way

Straight Down

Similar to above, vertically is an easy way to apply your panels.

Examples of the peel and stick wood applied vertically to walls

Square Design

 Another fantastic way of applying the panels is doing it in a square design, like the above no cutting of angles is required. To create this design you align and stick 5 panels on a wall horizontally, then next to it 5 panels vertically, and so on. The below large image shows how the panels are installed in our client's leisure homes and we can't get enough of it!

Examples of the peel and stick wooden panels applied to walls in a square pattern 


This is more tricky, make sure you know your angles!

Examples of the peel and stick wood panels applied to walls diagonally


If you love this look but after an easy way to get a herringbone wall, try our Herringbone by Finium wall panel, the hard work of creating the herringbone design has already been done for you.

Examples of the peel and stick wooden panels applied in a herringbone pattern to walls.



Looking for installation instructions for the peel and stick wood? Find them here.

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