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What Is A Feature Wall?

by Gary Walmsley on

Introduction to Feature / Statement Walls

Feature walls are basically a wall (or several) that becomes a feature to your room. They are also called accent walls and can offer very effective quick and easy ways to update your living space to create your dream interior. We like to think of it more though as a focal point, everywhere in the room flows beautifully together and the walls are part of your interior design rather than just being plain old walls. 

Colourful feature wall mural designs that are made to measure.

Made to measure wall murals shown, find out more (This link will take you to our trade website)

Not Just Paint

When you think feature wall designs, the most obvious thing that comes to mind is painting a wall a different colour. Maybe adding a bit of wallpaper. Whilst this is perfectly fine and can look very effective at a minimal cost, you are missing out on the opportunity to add texture, warmth, interest, even acoustic properties to your wall. What if we told you, you have 1000s of choices at your fingertips not restricting your creativity to just a change of colour or wallpaper. There is a variety of different materials in 2D or 3D in a variety of colours and styles available from us!

3D wooden feature wall designs in homes

Selection of 3D wooden wall panels. From top - Dominus Wall Panels, Erro Wall Panels and Alias Wall Panels (coming soon).

A feature wall isn't about a wall being isolated from a room however. Take that creativity and don't just limit it to one wall. Mad About The House (Kate Watson-Smyth) explains it best;

“If you want a feature wall it’s not just about picking out a wall. It’s about decorating the whole room around that feature to draw it into the scheme rather than have it hanging awkwardly on the edge like the unwanted guest at a party.”

Feature wall designs with gem and agate patterns

Made to measure Smart Panels shown, find out more (This link will take you to our trade website)

Don’t be Afraid of Wall Designs

Many wall panels can be applied with minimal tooling and can be applied simply with a high grab adhesive or an adhesive we recommend (none required for the peel & stick range). You simply prepare your wall and follow the instructions, and if in doubt contact a trusted joiner.


3D paintable feature wall designs

3D paintable shape wall panels shown. The top 2 products are our Prorac panels find out more (This link will take you to our trade website), bottom right is our Cullinans design.

There is also no wrong choice in choosing wall panel designs, if you chose something you love. Whilst we may show trends for inspiration, we recommend always going with your heart - remember your home is for you!

You can either browse our online website. Or you can see our main trade website (open to all) and request quotes on products you love by filling in our online form.

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