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How to Achieve Fluted/Slatted Walls

by Amy Whittle on

Before last year fluted walls were not really on our radar, the popularity in these style of wall designs has since rocketed and we have several options to share with you to create the crisp lined look. The wall panels can be used in a variety of different ways (Instagram is full of 100s of ideas) and add a clean contemporary look to to a wide range of interiors. We have options suitable for both homeowners and trade.

Options Available to Get The Style

Some of the below styles will take you to our main website, products on here require your dimensions and postcode before we can give an estimate.

  • Lynes Pro

Lynes Pro is ideal for trade professionals due to its LED integration, quick mounting system, and finishes. For homeowners we would typically recommend the below Lynes DIY version, this product shines for shop fitters and projects were time is of the essence. These products are available in a variety of finishes such as black marble effect. A great feature about this option is the LED light can be integrated within. When the LED light is off it would look just like a normal fluted wall, when switched on the light will shine from within the slats you specified to make lightable.

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  • Lynes DIY

This differs from Pro as the panels do not include a track. Lynes DIY is a basic version in which each slat piece needs to be spaced out by the user but is available at a lower price point. You can either order the product in a natural finish and use as is or you can stain. You also have the option to put LED lighting inbetween the slats.

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  • Orac Bar Panels

These panels are supplied already primed, you just spray paint with your colour using good quality paint. An advantage to using this Bar panel to create your fluted wall is the panels are water resistant so would work well in bathrooms, its also lightweight so perfect for plasterboard. The dimensions are L200cm x H25cm x W2cm, each panel contains 6 'flutes'. A fluted wall would be quite quick to achieve with this option. 

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  • Mind The Gap Wallpaper

Instead of adding flutes you could achieve a realistic look by using premium NLXL wallpaper. Whilst it isn't an actual fluted wall, NLXL is of the highest resolution and offers a 3D like effect that can't be compared with standard wallpaper. A good point about this wallpaper is that its no match wallpaper (no need to line it up), which takes away the main grip with wallpapering.

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