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How To Apply Eco 3D Panels

by Amy Whittle on


Shop our Eco 3D panels and apply them using the below instructions.

How Many Packs Do I Need to Order?

There is 1sqm per pack (which is four panels, each measuring 500mm x 500mm). To work out how many packs you would need, you first need to measure the wall space in which you would like your Eco 3D to cover. Times the height by the width of your wall to get your meterage. Deduct for windows and doors etc.

Once you know your meterage, now you simply order enough boxes to cover your wall. 

Remember these calculations are always estimates, things such as a crooked wall may affect your measurements. It's better to opt on the side of caution and buy roughly 10% more than you think. 

Note minimum order online is 3 packs/metres.

What do I Need?

  • Utility Knife if cutting is required
  • Ruler and spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Cloth to clean wall

How to Install Eco 3D Wall Panels

1. Acclimatise your Panels

Leave your panels acclimatise for 48 hours. 

2. Clean your Surface & Prepare

Prepare your wall by smoothing out bumps/blemishes and clean the wall gently with warm soapy water. You need your wall to be dry and free from grease and dust before you can begin.

Protect your floor and surrounding areas. You can use material such as masking film or paper.

3. Preparation goes Along Way 

It's time to measure and make a mark for your starting point. To do this draw a reference line going across your wall using a ruler and a level to ensure it's straight - remember each panel is 500cm in height and width.  Do the same vertically.

Measuring and marking starting point on a wall for the first panel.


4. Applying your First Panel

Applying adhesive to edges of the panel

Apply your adhesive to all 4 sides of the first panel.  

Adding additional adhesive to the panel

Apply two additional vertical lines of adhesive where possible.

Apply light pressure to the panel

Then install to your marked-out reference point by applying equal pressure with your fingertips.

5. Applying the Remaining Panels

Apply tile spacers

Use the provided tile spacer to position each next panel and installing each panel one by one by applying adhesive the same as in step 4.

Once a panel is installed, clean the joints with a strong paper towel.  

Remove tile spacer when ready 

Remove a tile space once surrounding by panels.

If required, panels can be cut with a utility knife.

6. Time to Paint

spray paint the 3D panels

Carefully spray or roller paint your walls paying particular attention to the joints. We recommend spray painting. 

After 24 hours apply a second layer of paint. 

Don't forget to send us a photo of your completed wall!

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