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Easy Wooden Headboard DIY Project For Double/King Size Bed Using Vogh

by Amy Whittle on

Oversized Bed Headboard Project

Create an oversized bed headboard with Finium Vogh wooden wall panels.

DIY wooden oversized headboard project using wall panels

These panels are perfect for double and kingsized beds! A double bed is 135cm and a king size is 150cm, our Finium Vogh panels are large enough to create an oversized bed headboard with just 3 panels across.

For installation instructions see below!

Order Finium Vogh

Image 1 large oversized headboard is one pack of Vogh, image 2 Extra large oversized headboard is 2 packs. (These are our suggestions, the layout is completely up to you though!)

Oversized bed headboard DIY project using wooden panels

Oversized wooden bed headboard DIY project 1 pack can create a headboard of H121 x W182cm.


Extra large oversized bed headboard DIY project using wooden panels


Extra large oversized bed headboard DIY project 2 packs can create an extra-large oversized one H182cm x W240cm. 

About the Wood

1 box of Finium Vogh contains 6 panels, each with a different pattern design to create a visually interesting bed headboard. The panel are made from white oak by sustainability conscious Finium. With each order of these Finium plant a tree through One Tree Planted, as do we. 

A Bit About Finium

The panels are professionally crafted from white oak by wooden wall experts Finium in Canada. Finium are a highly sustainable company who use every part of the tree and combine craftsmanship with technology to create beautiful panels such as this. 

See our suppliers website for more information about Finium

How to Create The Bed Headboard

Install time: After the panels have acclimatised and your wall is prepared, approximately 30 mins to 1 hour.

Adhesive: Good quality high grab adhesive (contact us for what we use on projects), we also recommend using nails on the exposed backing of the panels.

Tools required: level, tape measure, saw, pencil and caulking gun.

Step 1.

Ensure your wall is suitable and stable to support the panels first.

Choose whether you want a 1 pack or 2 packs of Finium Vogh. The below layouts are just our suggestions, feel free to mix things up! Upon ordering your panels will arrive < 1 week.

When you receive your panels allow them to acclimatise for 24 hours with the cartons flat on the ground. In the meantime prepare your wall. You need your wall to be dry and free from grease and dust before you can begin.

Step 2.

Measure where the panels should go to be central to your bed. Use a ruler, level and pencil to do so. Height-wise you can install over your skirting board, or you can place the panels higher up - whichever you think suits your bed and room the best. Once settled on where the panels should go, clear the surrounding area

Step 3.

On the back of panel, apply a line of 100% polyurethane glue 1/2’’ (1.3 cm) from all edges and forming an X in the center. Once you are confident enough adhesive has been applied proceed to step 4.

Step 4

Position first panel at lower left of wall. Make sure the exposed backing is facing up and right.

Step 5

We advise that you nail panel in place with #23 gauge finish nails on the exposed backing. NEVER NAIL DIRECTLY ON FACE OF WALL PANEL.

Step 6

Installation of subsequent panels

• Repeat Step 3.

• Align panel B against panel A.

• Repeat Step 5.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Top And End Row. Before adding the top and end row, you need to remove the exposed backing as you do not want this visible. Carefully and neatly saw the overhanging edges that would be exposed off - do not saw the panel. When installing the top corner panel ensure to use ample glue.

Step 7

Allow the glue to dry and admire your DIY designer headboard!


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