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Finium Wall Panel Package - Premium Vogh

A oak ribbed wall design in abstract shapes. The room it is in is retro styled with record albums and a record player.


Package include 2.23sqm of Premium Finium Vogh. Canadian white oak ribbed abstract wall panels created with impeccable attention to detail, available for £173 per square metre.

The Finium Skandi Vogh is a contemporary stylish square panel made from white oak. The sustainable panel comes with 6 variant panel designs mixed together that can be assembled in different directions enabling you can lay the panels out so no part of a wall looks the same.

Finished with U.V. varnish 10% gloss, low voc, antimicrobial protection.


All Finium products are created by paying impeccable attention to the look, finish, and durability of every product produced with meticulous quality control second to none. 

Putting aside the high quality and beautiful designs, the eco credentials is one of the things we love about our Canadian Finium products.

The trees are from sustainably managed forests and no part of the tree is wasted, all the production residues are processed and reused. Not only that Finium are part of the One Tree Planted Foundation, committed to making monthly donations and planting a tree for each order they ship.


Wood Species: White Oak



Panels Per Box

6 panels

Panel Dimensions

60.96 x 60.96cm.  Thickness: 4mm

Backed onto fibrex 3mm.

Box Coverage

2.23 square metre (24ft2)


Note: When ordering, we advise you allow an extra 10% on final wall measurements, this allows a margin of error on installing and measuring.

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If in doubt, consult an experienced joiner.

Tools required

Small domestic projects: high grab adhesive & caulking gun, guided circular saw, level, measuring tape. A nail gun and nails can be used but is not required unless its a larger project, very high ceilings or commercial project.

For large or commercial projects: high grab adhesive & caulking gun, electric mitre saw, table saw, level, measuring tape, cutter, nail gun (#23 gauge finish nail) and stepladder.

Application: High grab adhesive, for our recommended adhesive, contact us for a quote. Nails also if the project requires (if in doubt use nails).

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Finium Wall Panel Package - Premium Vogh
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