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Muratto Primalcork Leather Look Package 4.32sqm

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Muratto Primalcork Leather Look Package 4.32sqm


Package include 4.32sqm of Muratto Primalcork in Leather Look brown.

An eco-friendly panel made from natural cork from Portugal. Primalcork is a rich natural cork that is silky to the touch offering smooth and unobtrusive aesthetics. Primal cork is a feather light and flexible wall panel solution suitable for most walls.

These panels have the benefit of being water repellent making them well suited for kitchens and well ventilated bathrooms (not recommended for wet rooms). 

These panels are easily installed with high grab adhesive glue and easy to cut if required. 


• Water Repellant • Light-weight • Flexible • Easy Install • Stylish design • Natural & Eco-friendly 


Created by Muratto, one of the most highly distinguished brands of cork. Due to our love of stylish sustainable products, how could we resist supplying this beautiful product?

Material: The primal cork is cork tiles with colour pigments, and a natural finishing treatment on the top.

Colour: Leather Look (brown) with specks of natural cork colour showing through.

Panels Per Box 16
Panel Dimensions 600 x 450 x 3mm 
Box Coverage 4.32sqm


Note: When ordering, we advise you allow an extra 10% on final wall measurements, this allows a margin of error on installing and measuring.


Estimated delivery: 1 week

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