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Old House - Reclaimed Wood 0.8sqm Box

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Rustic reclaimed wood used to panel walls


Wooden panels soaked in history. The Old House reclaimed wood has gained its unique character in its previous life with the wood being upcycled from old Polish buildings, barns, and granaries. Some pieces date back to the 20th century!

The wood is exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and sometimes simply - for many years gains its unique character. Thanks to our little interference, we can bring out the beauty of old wood and make it suitable for many arrangements and projects.

The different thickness, lengths and widths achieve a beautiful rustic 3D effect wall. Old House planks have a unique texture and individual pattern.


Why choose distressed painted timber panels?

  • • FSC certified wood
  • • Unique wood with character only achieved naturally with age.
  • • Can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • • Each panel piece is unique and soaked in history! The form, structure and colour vary from plank to plank.
  • • A very eco-friendly approach that allows the reuse of wood with unique stylish results.
  • • The wood is properly cleaned and prepared. Recycled wood is not subject to artificial processing, therefore it is devoid of chemical additives that are used in the normal production of boards. It is a 100% ecological raw material. Each piece is carefully selected, placed in a drying chamber and guaranteed free of mold, fungi, pests, mechanical damage and chemicals.


    Panels Per Box

    Mixed set of panels. Different sizes.

    Box Coverage

    0.8 square metres

    Panel Thickness*

    Mixture of thicknesses 8mm-15mm

    Panel Widths* 6/8/10/12/14/16cm variations
    Panel Lengths* 1.2m in total. Possible combinations of length:
    • 70cm + 50cm
    • 80cm + 40cm
    • 60cm + 60cm

      *The dimensions of the wood within the 0.8sqm packs vary to create the 3D effect and retain the natural beauty of the panels.

      Colours & Wood Types

      The wood is a mix of reclaimed spruce, fir and pine from old Polish buildings, granaries and barns.

      The colours are of a mixed brown variety each varying due to being exposed to the elements.

      The surface is brushed and the wood is humidity chamber dried. 

      Each piece has a different structure, colour and shape making them unique.




      Apply with high grab adhesive. (Email us prior ordering if this is something you require adding to your order).


      Estimated delivery: <1 week

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      Old House - Reclaimed Wood 0.8sqm Box
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