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Teak Wood Wall Panels - Art Teak 1sqm Box

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Teak Wood Wall Panels - Art Teak 1sqm Box


Minimum order quantity of 5 boxes (5 square metres), unfortunately we cannot accept orders of less.

Dimensions: H200mm x W730mm x D18 - 20mm, 8 panels in a box.

Teak wall panels created from reclaimed wood in the Netherlands.

Available in two finish options - sheen or matt. Sheen is the most popular option.

Why choose teak timber panels?

  • 100% real wood
  • Artisan handcrafted finish, each panel is unique
  • All products are free from pests due to the drying process.
  • easily assembled. Special expertise is not required.


Sold per Sqm (1sqm of panels included per box)

Panels Per Box 8
Panel Dimensions H200mm x W730mm x D18 - 20mm
Box Coverage 1 square metre. (10.76 sq ft)
Weight 12kg per 1m² box 


Note: When ordering, we advise you allow an extra 10% on final wall measurements, this allows a margin of error on installing and measuring. This eliminates the risk of a product being sold out or minor differences between batches. 


Tools required: Saw (hand saw or power), ruler, spirit level, pencil, high grab adhesive.

Application: High grab adhesive. For our recommended adhesive, contact us for a quote.


Estimated delivery: 3 week maximum due to not being stocked at our UK warehouse. 5 boxes (5 sqm) required per order of Teak Wall.

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Teak Wood Wall Panels - Art Teak 1sqm Box
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