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Wood Walls Latvia Panels - Reclaimed Kemeri 1sqm Box

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Wood Walls Latvia Panels -  Reclaimed Kemeri 1sqm Box


Kemeri is made from reclaimed weathered wood. The surface of boards is a whitewash colour for a stylish light contemporary look.

Made from FSC certified (the mark of responsible forestry) reclaimed wood.

In 1sqm box there is 3 lengths and 3 widths to these panels each precisely cut.

Why choose Kemeri Wood Walls Latvia?

  • FSC certified real wood.
  • Eco friendly Kemeri is a reclaimed panel made from deconstructed Latvia buildings.
  • Each wooden panel is unique some are formed in the sun, wind and rain for 100s of years.
  • Coated with a whitewash finish for a stylish clean look.
  • Easy Installation. All Wood Walls Latvia products do not require any specialist tools or machinery.


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Panels Per Box

18 panels

Panel Dimensions

Each box consists of 3 different lengths and 3 different widths

L 118/59/32cm x W 10/8/6cm x 1cm (2 of each size).

Best shown here.

Box Coverage



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Note: When ordering, we advise you allow an extra 10% on final wall measurements, this allows a margin of error on installing and measuring and eliminates the risk of a product being sold out or minor differences between batches. 

Affix to clean, flat, dust free walls using a high grab adhesive. Can be cut with a hand or power saw. If in doubt, consult an experienced joiner.

Note: the panels are made of natural wood and are therefore not recommended for use around open flames or rooms of high humidity. Intense sunlight can cause colour changes. 

Cleaning: vacuum cleaner or dust brush if required.



Estimated delivery: < 1 week

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Wood Walls Latvia Panels - Reclaimed Kemeri 1sqm Box
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