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Wood Walls Latvia Panels - Reclaimed Ludza 1sqm Box

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Mixed finish reclaimed wood wall panels added to a Scandinavian style dining room.


Minimum order quantity of 2 (2sqm), unfortunately we cannot accept orders of less.

Ludza a mixed colour wood wall panels made from carefully selected FSC certified antique timber.

Our Natural Vintage Timber Wall Panels are created from hardwood and reclaimed timber sourced from deconstructed timber buildings. Colours are genuine sunbleached and weather scrubbed. FSC certified (the mark of responsible forestry).

Available to the UK market, ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices and reception areas. 

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Offer for orders over 5 boxes (5 sqm), contact us for a potentially better quote

Due to delivery cost being built into the price, we can potentially offer you a better delivery cost than shown on our website. Contact us via the 'message us' button with the amount of boxes you require or your wall dimensions and a postcode for a quote emailed to you.


Sold in 1sqm boxes (14 panels to a box).

Size per panel: 72cm x 10cm x 14-19mm


Affix to clean, flat, dust free walls using a High Grab Glue. Allow an extra 10% for cuts. Can be cut with a hand or power saw.

Note: the panels are made of natural wood and are therefore not recommended for use around open flames or rooms of high humidity. Intense sunlight can cause colour changes. Please be wary of splinters.

Cleaning: dust can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or dust brush.

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Wood Walls Latvia Panels - Reclaimed Ludza 1sqm Box
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