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13 Gorgeous Blue Wall Ideas - From Light Blue To Navy

by Amy Whittle on

A classic colour, blue remains one of the most popular colours for decorating our homes. Historically blue was one of the most expensive colours to produce - blue pigments once cost more than gold! To this day it still holds the same luxurious appeal. It's easy to see how blue can create an extortionary interior.

We have collated together a list of gorgeous blue wall panels, cladding and murals from navy to light blue. Some of the below styles will take you to our main website, these products will require your dimensions and postcode before we can give an estimate as they are made bespoke or shipped in specially.

1. Mind The Gap Wallpaper - Indigo Marvel

Blue pattern wallpaper in a bedroom created by interior design company

Image credit: Designs by Day

The calming qualities of blue and white used together work particularly well in bedrooms. From the brand Mind The Gap, the Indigo Marvel wallpaper is a thick luxury wallpaper that are beautiful not just to the eye but to the touch.

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2. Distressed Painted Timber Wall Panels - Blue Ocean

Blue wooden wall installed in a herringbone pattern

Real wood panels with a blue brush paint over the top in a way that still reveals the wood beneath. This panel works beautifully in a coastal-style interior.

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3. Mind The Gap Wallpaper - Tie Dye Flower

Blue and white tie dye effect wallpaper


Blue and white used together can create a beautiful, relaxing and clean interior. The Tie Dye Flower is another gorgeous design from Mind The Gap that is a perfect choice for a modern coastal interior.

This paper brings us back to the days when we used to rock our masterpiece tie-the creations!

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4. Stardust Blue Smart Panel

Blue wall panel installed on a partition wall

We have the Stardust design installed within our showroom front window display, the almost mirror-like finish gives the panel design depth and a stunning array of blues throughout the day as the light catches it.

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5. Maui Blue Smart Panel

A luxurious bathroom with a glam shower with a luxury blue wall panel inside.

The Smart Panels are entirely waterproof so if you wished you could bring the blue colour scheme into your bathroom with Maui Blue or lighter Antarctica (below). These panels are also equally suited and regularly installed outside the bathroom too.

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6. Antarctica Blue Smart Panel

Blue wall panel behind a bath

Like the above Maui Blue, Antarctica is not just restricted to bathrooms. 

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7. Muratto Primalcork Deep Indigo

A 2D cork wall with classic paneling

This deep blue has a rather luxe feel to it and hidden underneath you can see hints of the natural sustainable cork. As it is on the warmer side of the blue spectrum the Primalcork in blue helps to create an inviting and cocooning vibe.


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8. MAD: Icarus

Stunning abstract luxury wall mural with a built in fireplace

A stunning made in Italy wall mural. its created bespoke upon order to your specified dimensions and wallpaper finish by a team of designers.

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9.Sea Love

Blue underwater luxury wall mural in a living space

A mural for ocean lovers, this luxury mural (like Mad: Icarus above) is made bespoke to your dimensions in Italy and is available in several different wallpaper finishes.

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10. Prorac W107 Wall Panels

A wall painted to shades of blue with 3D wall panels

Feeling creative? These 3D panels are supplied in white primer ready for you to spray paint any colour you desire. We love how two different shades are used here.


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11. Prorac Slat Wall Panels

Blue slatted wall design

Add a traditional touch with our Prorac Slats. These slat panels are supplied primed white ready for you to paint any shade of blue you desire! Like the above W107 wall panels, these are perfect if you have your heart set on a particular shade of blue.

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12. Peaks Wall Panel in Blue

3D deep blue wall panels design

These cork panels are extremely lightweight and easy to install. We have found they have been most popular behind beds to create a full wall headboard.

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13. Concrete Wall Panels in Blue

Concrete wall panels in blue in a living room with natural colours and greenery

These panels are unusual in that they are made of a flexible concrete in a beautiful blue finish. This blue option gives a bit of a industrial look that concrete has whilst being extremely lightweight, flexible and environmentally friendly. The panels are made from real concrete, minerals and binders. They are available in 2 large panel sizes 1000 x 500 x 3mm or 3000 x 500 x 3mm.

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