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15 Ways To Decorate The Wall Behind Your Bed

by Amy Whittle on

The bed tends to be the focal point in the bedroom but aside from paint and wallpaper, what other creative things can you do around the space? This space above the bed is a tricky one to decorate, but you can have a lot of fun with it.

Create something amazing that fills you with joy when you enter the bedroom. If you have ever wanted to change the feel of your bedroom when you walk in, here are a few looks that can be achieved with 15 of our wall panels.

Some of the below styles will take you to our main website, these products will require your dimensions and postcode before we can give an estimate as they are made bespoke or shipped in specially.

1. Vinyl Peel And Stick Headboard

A bed headboard created with our grey vinyl peel and stick panels

This is a brilliant headboard that was created by Michelle a creative client of ours, of which this is her 2nd Designer Walls project. Michelle created this headboard using our Vinyl Oak Ash Grey panels with a sprayed aluminum trim.

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2. Silver Grey Wood Wall Panels

Bedroom with grey wood wall panel planks behind the bed.

This gorgeous grey wall is coming soon to our online shop! This is currently a brand new stocked item for us. Enquire now for further details.


3. Smart Panel Paradise Wall Panels

Glossy bespoke Smart Panel in the Paradise design behind a bed.

The marble-like (but incredibly lightweight) wall is aptly named Paradise which isn't that what you want your bedroom to be? This is a great choice if you are after something contemporary and neutral that will work with any changes to colour schemes and homeware over the years.

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4. Cork Peaks 3D Wall Panels

 3D natural cork wall panels added behind a hotel bed

This is Peaks, 3D natural sustainable cork from Portugal. Cork Peaks comes in 10 different colour options including the gorgeous natural cork show above so you can either keep it neutral or try colours such as blue. 

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5. Peel & Stick Wood Wall Panels

Black wooden wall panel planks behind a bed with blue blankets

Thinking of going to the dark side in the bedroom? This is our peel and stick anthracite wood used in a bedroom project, kindly shared by our handy client Tom!

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6. Lynes DIY Fluted Walls

Fluted wall panels behind a bed

Lynes DIY creates a beautiful fluted wall. In the image they have chosen to pair Lynes DIY with wall lights, another option would be to add LED lighting in between a select amount of the flutes.

Whilst not on our online shop this is a stocked item, delivery can be with you within a week.

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7. Finium Walnut Wall Panels

A walnut wood wall installed behind a bed in bedroom

This classic walnut is a best-selling wood for us at our showroom for a reason. Unfortunately, this is the only bedroom photo we have of Finium Walnut and the mismatched decor it's paired with, simply doesn't do it justice and show the full potential of this gorgeous wood. Let your imagination take hold and picture this gorgeous warm wood within your bedroom - what do you think?

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8. Affreschi & Affreschi Wall Murals

3D never ending wall mural in grey behind a bed

Would you believe this is a flat wall? Our designer Affreschi & Affreschi 3D effect wall murals look 100% real and work like magic in rooms that you might want to appear bigger or just get a 'wow' every time they are seen. With a design like this, you should make sure nothing is placed on the wall so as not to ruin the wizardry of the Italian handmade walls.

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9. Smart Panel Stardust

stunning blue and green smart panel installed behind a bed

Our Smart Panels are made bespoke to your dimensions and are designed to make the best use of the pattern within your required size. The finish is a high gloss which when light is shone on helps to pick out the beautiful blues within Stardust. Blue is considered the most conducive to sleep as the colours are soothing and promote feelings of calm which can help to prevent nightmares.

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10. Tecnografica Wall Mural: Shepard

Wall mural in muted colours featuring deer. The wall mural is used behind a double bed

A high-quality designer mural made bespoke to your wall dimensions to get the best out of your wall mural design. The Shepard print is a neutral design that features deers, there are however 100s of other prints to choose from. Another great quality about these murals is you can choose your paper finish.

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11. Apriori Wall Panels

A bedroom with rich brown wood wall panels installed behind the bed

A classic warm natural wood wall design that will never date and will work with any colour scheme you have in mind. 

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12. Primal Cork Grey Wall Panels

Bedroom with grey cork wall behind the bed

Feather-light and flexible these panels can be installed on almost any wall. The taupe/grey panel has a contemporary feel to it and the natural cork showing through gives the 2D wall panel so much texture.

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13. Mind The Gap Wallpaper 

White wallpaper with botanical patterns on behind a bed

A sweet botanical design that looks like it has wooden panelling around it. Mind The Gap is a very high-quality wallpaper, the details, wallpaper finish, and colours do not compare in the slightest to your generic diy store wallpapers!

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14. Erro Wall Panels

3D dark wood panels installed behind bed

Want a grey wall with a bit of texture? Erro wooden wall is the wall for you! 

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15. Form At Wood Triangles & Pyramids 

3D wood wall behind bed

This is a premium wall and is a luxury item of ours aimed at high-end hotels, architects, and interior designers. Like all of our products, they are open to all with a simple enquiry, which enables you to create a stunning hotel boutique vibe within your own bedroom. These gorgeous award-winning 3D oak or walnut wood wall panels from Form At Wood are like nothing you have ever seen before. 

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