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What Can I do with Lynes DIY Fluted Wall Panels?

by Amy Whittle on

Our Fluted Lynes DIY panels offer so much flexibility! They are sold in packs of 10 flutes that you can space out as you desire, cut to your desired height, and stain/paint if you want to. With so many possibilities we wanted to show you a few ideas of what you can easily achieve in your home.

Have Your Wall Any Colour

Unlike some fluted/slatted wall options, with Lynes DIY you are not restricted to a black background between the flutes. Paint your wall any colour you desire (or leave it as is) and once dry simply apply your flutes on top.


Fluted wall panels installed on a green living room wall

Fluted Walls In The Bedroom

Create your own full-length fluted bed headboard with a few packs of Lynes DIY or add a feature to the side of the bed with just one or two packs.

3 images of fluted wall panels installed behind or the the side of the bed

Awkward Spaces

The individual flutes allow you to add an architectural element to awkward spaces that might of previously been difficult to decorate or do much with. 

3 images of where fluted wall panels have been installed in awkward spaces such as small spaces or odd angles.


Keep your flutes as in or incorporate LED strips within the gaps. We have added LED within our showroom and the warm light option is fantastic! If you like the idea of doing this ask us about what LEDs we would recommend as not all LED light strips are equal in quality.

3 images of fluted wall panels installed on walls with LED lighting in-between some of the gaps.

On The Ceiling

Not just for walls. You can either carry your wall design up and across the ceiling or simply just add to the ceiling.

3 instances of fluted wall panels installed on the ceiling.

On Furniture

Cut your 2.7m flutes to size and upcycle your furniture. You could do this as a stand-alone piece or have a few full-length flutes on a wall to tie the room together.

3 images of fluted wall panels installed on furniture such as a reception desk.


Our flutes are in an unfinished light wood veneer (see above) which you can either leave as is or add a wood stain or paint. If this is something you are considering, ask us what stains we would recommend as you don't want to lose the wood grain.

For those local to us, if you book an appointment to visit our Bolton showroom we can show you our tried and tested colour options that we have in our showroom. If you sign off on the colour we have an option to paint your flutes for you. 

3 images of fluted wall panels. 2 instances of were the flutes have been stained with a dark oak, and one were the fluted have been painted light grey.


See the link below for specification and pricing.

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